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Gundam: SD - Kyoui Gundam Japanese Ver - Model Kit

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1:144 Scale assembly model kit. It comes with a snap-fit assembly, matching-colored pieces, accessories and fully illustrated construction manual. You don't need any glue or tools.


Gunpla are classified by ranges (called "grade") according to their quality and/or size. The main ones are :

  • NG No Grade (1980)
    • Although the term only appears much later, it refers retrospectively to the first models released as early as 1980.
  • HG High Grade (1990)
    • First range of higher quality at a scale of 1/144.
  • MG Master Grade (1995)
    • Of higher quality than HG High Grade with, for example, the internal mechanics fully modeled at a scale of 1/100.
  • PG Perfect Grade (1998)
    • The most technically advanced range at a scale of 1/60.
  • FG First Grade (1999)
    • The inexpensive clip-on range.
  • HGUC High Grade Universal Century (1999)
    • A popular re-edition of the Universal Century robots.
  • EX-model (2001)
    • A range dedicated not to robots but to vehicles and related flying machines.
  • MS Mega Size (2009)
    • 1/48 Scale range.
  • RG Real Grade (2010)
    • Similar to the MG Master Grade with a pushed internal skeleton but at a size called 1/144 like the "HG High Grade".
  • RE/100 Reborn One Hundred (2014)
    • New range of 1/100 scale gunplays.
  • Super Deformed Gundam or SD Gundam
    • A Japanese animation franchise whose works are parodies of the Gundam saga, adopting the graphic codes of the super deformed.